Lemon + Cayenne Water

My husband and I used to be people who took fiber supplements everyday thinking it was the only way to regulate our systems, until we discovered the benefits of drinking lemon water.  Now, we save our money… I just looked at the ingredients in the Metamucil we
were consuming everyday and I honestly can’t believe what we were putting in our bodies when there was a natural alternative that has proven to be just as effective.  Maltodextrin, artificial orange flavor, aspartame, and yellow 6.

Lemon water is proven to aid in digestion, naturally remove toxins from your body, assist with weight loss due to the naturally occurring pectin fiber, boost your immune system, and even help with clearer skin!  It’s amazing what this fruit can do!  When combined with cayenne pepper, you’re increasing the detoxing effect and jump starting your metabolism.  Ehren and I committed about 4 months ago to drinking lemon water first thing in the morning, every morning on an empty stomach. We have missed a few days here and there due to poor grocery planning, or staying at someone else’s house and forgetting to bring our lemons, but for the most part we’ve had this drink every morning.  And you should, too!

  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • Pinch of cayenne pepper
  • 8 oz water
1.  Combine all ingredients, stir, and drink first thing in the morning.  We drink it through a straw so our teeth aren’t exposed to the citric acid.  Also, I use 1 lemon for us both, so just 1/2 a lemon’s juice for each, but feel free to use an entire lemon.


*Use organic ingredients whenever possible.
**Adapted from Food Babe. Thanks for first teaching us about this amazing drink!