Bulletproof Coffee

I really am not sure why this particular drink is called “bulletproof coffee” but it sounds kinda cool at least… Been hearing about this drink and seeing it popping up on my Pinterest, and thought I would give it a try.  There is a good chance I will never drink my coffee any other way.  For starters, it is seriously delicious.  It is creamy and rich tasting, and gets this amazing foam layer on the top, which never happens when I just pour milk into my coffee.  Second, because of the coconut oil, it is full of healthy fat.  I know, I know.  Some of you still don’t think fat is good.  The right kind of fat is.  I promise.  Read more about it here…. Coconut oil improves heart health, supports your immune system, promotes weight loss, boosts thyroid production, protects the liver from toxins, and is incredibly filling.  I know it also seems weird to put butter in your coffee, but again…. the right kind of butter is good!  We use organic butter, from grass-fed cows.  It is an anti-cancer agent, muscle-builder, high in antioxidants, and an immunity-booster.  Because I truly believe in the amazing things coconut oil can do for your health, I try to incorporate a few tablespoons of it each day into the diet of my family.  Whether I fry veggies or meat in it, use it in baked goods, mix it into kids eggs, put it in a smoothie, or put it in my coffee I am always grabbing it and using it in something.  I love starting my day knowing I am getting a good amount of this amazing, beneficial fat in my system.  Without further ado, go make some bulletproof!  Oh, and PS.  Most Paleo circles will approve the use of a high-quality butter, even though technically it is dairy.

bulletproof coffee, with coconut oil and butter

  • 1 cup coffee
  • 1-3 tablespoons organic, unrefined coconut oil (I use 3, feel free to start with less and work your way up…)
  • 1 teaspoon unsalted Kerrygold butter
  • Optional:  Some pure vanilla extract or honey would be super yummy if you are looking for something a little sweeter.  I don’t add anything as it is rich and creamy as is, but you can experiment!  
1.  Combine all ingredients in food processor with metal blade attachment (blender would probably work, too).
2.  Turn it on and let it go for about 20 seconds, or until butter and coconut oil thicken and coffee becomes light brown in color.
3.  Pour it back into mug.  Drink.  So good.  And so energizing.


*Use organic ingredients whenever possible.