Products + Places We Love!

Cuisinart Food Processor –  We both just got this as early Christmas presents from our men.  Aren’t they dreamy?  Anyways, we’ve barly skimmed the surface on what this baby can do, but we did extensive research before choosing one, and are sure this will will meet all our needs in the kitchen.  We espeically like that it holds 11 cups of food!  No more blending things batch by batch in small blenders!
Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker – the world’s easiest ice cream maker.  Once you try homemade ice cream, you’ll never go back to store-bought.
Divided Lunchbox Containers (BPA free) – makes packing lunch for the kids to bring to school easy and fun.
Silicone Baking Cups – makes muffin-making easy, reduces waste, + can be used in kids lunches as mini cups for various snacks.  
Smoothie Pop Molds – These babies are awesome for freezing yogurt for the kiddos.  We like to use plain, whole milk yogurt and then add in honey, peanut butter, or crushed berries  Think frozen Go-Gurt, only not full of artificial dyes, sugar, artificial flavorings, and preservatives.


Blue Valley Meats – local, organic + pastured meats.  They also carry dairy products.  Order + pay online, pick up at various Seattle neighborhood delivery spots.
Kerrygold – grass-fed cheese + butter (cheapest at Costco or Trader Joe’s… also sold at conventional supermarkets for a higher price)
Larabar – simple, whole ingredient bars.  GMO-free.  Naturally sweetened with dates.  Great for on the go snacks (cheapest @ Costco, but more flavors available at conventional supermarkets and health food stores)
Misty Meadows Farms – local, organic + pastured eggs (sold @ PCC)
Organic Valley Grass Milk – organic + 100% grass-fed whole milk, from California (sold @ Ballard Market, Central Market, + Whole Foods)
Pure Eire Dairy – local, organic + 100% grass-fed whole milk (sold @ PCC + through Blue Valley Meats)
Skagit River Ranch – local, organic + 100% grass-fed beef, pastured pork, poultry, and eggs.  And bacon.  Did I mention the bacon?  It’s AMAZING (sold @ Ballard Farmer’s Market + University District Farmer’s Market)
Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil – amazing organic coconut oil.  And they seem to be constantly running promotions.  By far the cheapest place to get high-quality coconut oil.  Even cheaper than Costco with various promotions.


Ballard Farmer’s Market – we have the best markets here!  This one is year round, and full of amazing food each week!  It runs from 10am-2pm every Sunday, down in Ballard.  You can find Evan and her family here every Sunday stocking up on all kinds of goodies.
Bastille Cafe & Bar – truly delicious french cuisine in the heart of Ballard.  They have a rooftop garden, and also source ingredients locally.  If you haven’t dined here yet, you gotta go.
Golden Beetle – Organic Mediterranean deliciousness.  Owned by the same chef as Tilth, you can’t go wrong here!  Did we mention Maria Hines is opening a 3rd Seattle restaurant?  We can’t wait!
Great Harvest Bread – These guys have some awesome, 5 ingredient whole wheat bread – sweetened with honey.  It is so nice to have this as our back up bread place incase we haven’t been able to make our own. They also have honey whole wheat dinner rolls that make for great little hamburger buns as well.
Portage Bay Cafe – The best breakfast spot in all of Seattle, in our opinion.  There are three locations (UW, SLU, and Ballard).  Mostly organic, local ingredients.  Seriously, so good.
Smith Brothers Farm – provides home delivery of milk and other goods.  Evan gets milk, cream, eggs, and even sometimes coffee delivered each week right to her door! 
Tilth – If you live in Seattle and haven’t eaten here, you gotta go!  The restaurant is certified organic, and the menu changes monthly in order to use almost all seasonal, local, farm fresh ingredients.  It is pricey, but worth it.  Both of us LOVE this place.
University District Farmer’s Market – amazing year-round farmer’s market near the University of Washington.  It is open every Saturday from 9am-1pm.  Produce, meat, eggs, dairy, and other speciality foods available here.  You can find Erin and her kiddos here every Saturday morning waiting in line for Skagit River Ranch’s amazing eggs!
Zaw Pizza – super tasty take-and-bake pizza with local, organic ingredients and a thin whole wheat crust.

4 thoughts on “Products + Places We Love!

  1. Check out Stokesberry at the farmers market. I have been buying my eggs and meats from them for over a year. Also Sea Breeze yummy meat and raw milk for some special recipes!

    • Hi Anna, Smith Brother’s does offer organic milk that is not ultra-pasteurized like the organic milk sold in supermarkets and is always 24-48 hours fresh. I have been wondering about the cows diet as well and actually just called them. Their non-organic cows are fed a diet of mixed silage (think barley, alfalfa, flaxseed and other grains) and don’t get pasture fed. However, their organic cows do get out to pasture 6 months out of the year and are fed an exclusive certified organic feed as well. I hope this helps. Thanks for asking the question, I had been meaning to call them for a long time! -Evan

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