Eat This, Not That

It is our hope that you would not just cook food that tastes good, but that you would also care about what you put inside your body.  We both believe that what you eat matters, and that we are essentially what we eat – as the old adage says.  That being said, we both have come to a set of convictions as far as what we are willing to feed our families. Arriving at these convictions took a great deal of research, work, reading, and time and we are aiming to help consolidate that information for you to help you arrive at your own set of convictions – your own “food philosophy.”  An alarming number of people either do not hold to any food guidelines or hold to random rules they were taught a long time ago without taking the time to learn for themselves about food.  Frequenly people make their food decisions on a whim… without any regard to what is in it, how it will make them feel, or how it impacts their health.  Well, we are here to help.  Below you will find a list of main food categories – we’ve taken a long, hard look at each of these and hope to share with you a bit about each one and why we have chosen to eat what we eat.

ARTIFICIAL DYES – coming soon

BEEF – coming soon





GRAINS – coming soon

POULTRY – coming soon

PORK – coming soon

PRODUCE – coming soon


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